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[04/2007] Spirit House Gallery Website goes live ! Click Here>
[8/2004] Memphis Apartment Association Web Site Goes Live!
[09/2004] Pinnacle Management Chooses REST
[10/2004] Arlington Properties Web Site Goes Live!
01/2005 Unity Christ Center Web Site Goes Live!

WEB Design Portfolio

 Apartment Association of                        Arlington Properties
Greater Memphis


Apparel Brands                                         Creighton Uniforms   

Carpe Diem Farms                                     Four Seasons Landscape  


NRCC Group- In Design Process           Unity Christ Center



PM Software support & Training

Training and Evaluation

Marketing Design & Implementation
Your hardware and software can either make your business perform with amazing accuracy and efficiency or cause your business to come to a screeching halt. 

We have experts in every major PM accounting software program.  We train, support and provide emergency recovery.  We also have full project experience in accounting software conversions.  We know what systems work and why!


People truly make the difference.  Our clients often request that we evaluate their teams to provide perspective on strengths and challenges.  We have experience in building award-winning teams and can help you create a phenomenal recruiting, hiring and mentoring plan.

On-site Training
We equip teams to be the best they can be.  We provide training classes in:· Sales, overcoming objectives, closing strategies · Fair housing · Landlord-tenant law · Conflict resolution · “Eye for Detail” management · Priority clarification

REST artists can design marketing materials and collaterals that reflect impact and thematic integrity.  We create professional, unique marketing materials:

All collateral materials · Compact disk marketing · Internet campaigns · Permanent, Billboard and temporary signage

Marketing Implementation

Many good ideas are left on the doorstep because someone was too busy to do the footwork.  REST associates will make sure that your marketing plan is implemented in every market and medium you chose.  We’ll make sure they are all consistent and effective.  We’ll make sure they are all linked together, giving you maximum marketing potential.

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